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Maritime Vortal

Maritime Vortal

Maritime Database

One of the more exciting features of this ever growing site is MARITIME DATABASE - the excellent search facilities, enabling the user to search around 5,000 records of companies offering their services on the Polish market.

The database is updated daily based on our advanced computing system into our own CRM system with detailed data storage relating to maritime companies collected from 1994. That makes it the most reliable source of information on the Polish maritime market.

An additional convenience of the database is the option to find over 7,000 names of those connected to the maritime industry in Poland. Simple to use, the search engine enables a user to find the right company with only a part of a name, address or contact name or even to according to business type in a few seconds.

Polish Ports

Within the Polish Ports section the user can find detailed descriptions of all Polish ports and marinas with maps and weather forecast for the next 48 hours.

The main Polish ports are covered by a Ship Movements service brought up to date hourly providing details about moored and announced vessels.

We collect statistical data on the mooring of all vessels in all main Polish ports from 05 November 2003. The simple mechanism of selection and sorting is facilitated by the generation of visual tables which display search results. This is the only service of this kind in Poland enabling the user to find information on location and number of moored ships, given wharf and period of stay in a matter of seconds.

The POLISH PORTS section contains a lot of additional services enabling the user to find information on current regulations, charges as well as ports facilities, etc.

Maritime Shipping

The Sailing schedule was created to enable the user to find connections to and from Poland without having to cross check a number of different sources, even allowing the user to begin and refine the search from: port, ship name, type of ship, agent and booking. Contact with ship agents is possible directly from the website.

The Maritime Shipping section consists of the following modules connected by functional links:

  • Ship Agencies
  • Fleet Catalogue
  • Sailing schedule

Ship Agencies module is interesting as the data available here on serviced ships is actually put up by agencies themselves, mirroring their own server, updated as new vessels are done.

This section also includes a Polish Fleet Catalogue with full descriptions of all Polish vessels sailing. Besides detailed technical information, images, illustrations and specifications can be found.

It is possible to search for ships using either name, type of ship, shipowner or technical parameters.

Maritime Vortal: www.maritime.com.pl

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  • Developing advanced databases of potential consumers of products and services in Russia and Poland
  • Professional complex promotion of products and services
  • Arranging negotiations, meetings and presentations and representing your Company, supporting participation in exhibitions
  • Co-ordination with governmental and other organizations
  • Assistance in finding products, subcontractors and partners
  • Logistics services (drawing up documents; corresponding with your partners in Russian, English and Polish; performing quality control of products; arranging loading and unloading)
  • Establishing representative offices on BIMA's premises in Russia and Poland

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